CreatifHost aims at providing a large number of professional services in the following fields of activity: Web Design, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Advertising, and Custom Programming/Applications.


It may sound unbelievable but the majority of the big companies in the web hosting business usually do not invest much in the development of new technologies. Instead they rely on 3rd party solutions and software. Unlike theirs, our hosting software was created, developed and designed in-house by us. Moreover, our business approach is human-oriented in that our client support is a center factor in the quality hosting service and web design that we offer.


Our ready solutions enable small and medium-sized enterprises to gain money from their websites and respective online activities. The online presence in the ever expanding global network allows companies and individuals alike to take advantage of the World Wide Web. The majority of our web design clients have are entreupruners who have no computer skills. However, through our profound design process and procedures they have been able to manage a professional website.


Creatifhost provides the next generation hosting platform, and is likely the most technically advanced and reliable platforms available today. Compared to traditional platforms our clustered platform revolutionizes the way web hosting works.

Downtime is not an option as all systems are in redundant setups - even our servers is mirrored in a fail tolerant way. In the event one server should fail it is automatically replaced by the other cluster nodes.


Cluster reliability, speed and customer services are the keywords for our operation.We understand satisfied customers are the key to our long term success in this competitive market.

Every single customer is treated with respect and our staff is standing by to help you around the clock - we are only one click away!

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